Kouha Ren
Third Imperial Prince

And who might you be?
I guess I should welcome you to the Kou Empire...
So welcome.
But... I'll keep an eye on you for my brothers En and Mei!
Let's try to be friends okay~?

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She rolled her eyes “That is true but we were dressed up n a way, we wouldn’t be recognized.” She pointed out to him and then she just chuckled “That’s true, it seems this will end up differently than I thought it would.” Kougyoku admitted as her gaze became colder. 

Ah…so her brother wished to talk, didn’t he? Hm, that sounds just like him, she raised an eyebrow “My own conflicts you say? Solution?” She sighed, she honestly wished she could talk back to him right now but she restrained herself “I don’t think any good will come out, sadly it seems that there is no way from me to be happy in this place.” She responded simply closing her eyes.

It didn’t seem Kouha would help a lot so she would think what was bothering her after dinner. She put on a happy mask Yes, let’s do that, nii-sama.” The princess replied as they headed to the restaurant.


”I always go shopping as myself and I’m always fine~”

Besides the few people he sometimes kills everything is indeed fine. And honestly Kouha couldn’t care less. And above all most of the time he’s pretty much himself, no matter if it’s something official or anything. The only two people who could restrain him were the two older brothers. Further everyone else who tried could better start talking to a chair. The object would rather listen than Kouha.

”Happiness is something you create by yourself.”

Explaining indirectly his own behaviour as he told her so. That’s why he was always doing whatever he wanted to do.

”And I recognize fake smiles.”

Did she think he was stupid or something? He told her right? If something was bothering her she should talk about it. It was just weird. Before they seemed to have something more close to a sister/brother relationship and he felt like that was all gone now.

”Maybe we should just ask them to deliver it in our room..”

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Araya could say that she didn’t expect the sudden hug from the prince, one that made her blush lightly. The sensation of his embrace, something that felt foreign to her. Why is he hugging me? she asked herself. Could he be… Then it made sense~ Araya smiled, thinking it quite sweet for Kouha to gesture such a thing. 

The duo follow close behind Kouha as they travel inside the palace doors now, eying the large hallway with intricate rugs and floors and jaded statues.
"I like it here so far~" the nomad replied with a smile. "It is… very different. Everything here is so foreign compared to what Sirhan and I are used to. But it’s beautiful here and I can’t thank you enough for allowing me into your palace walls. I’m delighted and anticipating to see the rest of your home."

”I’m glad that you like it~”

He told her with a smile and took a sip of his tea afterwards. However as he doesn’t seem completely satisfied about it he started to put in a lot of sugar. Making it sweet as that is what he likes.

”I’m usually around here if you ever need to find me. And I suggest we start tomorrow with looking around. Within a few hours diner will be served~”

It was great to be home again. It was just sad that he would have to miss his brothers. He would have loved it to hug them and ask for a bit attention. Nothing wrong with that right? Well at least he wouldn’t need to be truly lonely now since he had two guests.

Coffee Shop AU


He was talking about when Kouha would like to go to his house, but it seems like it gets busier. More customers are coming. Most of them are young ones, so it must be that their school finished. He just smiled at Kouha and went back to his seat. He will wait. But when it gets really busy, he feels that it’s bit unfair to sit down while he has no drink anymore. So he will just stand up and went to a wall. He stood on a good place so he won’t block other people, but he still can see Kouha. He leaned at the wall with his arms crossed and watched Kouha with a small smile on his face. Sometimes he put his hands in his pockets. Some people ignore him, some stares at him and wonders what he’s doing. Maybe he should buy something again, it won’t be suspicious that way. However, he already drank two ice coffees and that’s actually already enough… He sighed and rubbed his head, wondering what he should do.

At the moments he was waiting till the shop would be closed, weird enough some girls went to him. Since he got nothing betters to do, he had a little chat with them. But he was looking at Kouha mostly, wondering if Kouha is doing fine since it’s really busy and if he’s not being to loud with the girls. Actually, those girls are being pretty loud, giggling like that and laughing at his little jokes what weren’t even that funny. He’s actually wondering why girls would even go to him and talk. But it was a good way to waste some time.

It was finally closing time. The last customer just left the shop. He yawed a bit, since he got a bit tired of waiting till Kouha was done. He stood up from his chair. He went to sit again when it wasn’t so busy before.

"You’ve worked hard, shall I help you with cleaning?"

He said it with a kind smile. But maybe Kouha wouldn’t accept his offer. But if he does accept, they would be done sooner. Anyway, they could talk to each other while Kouha would clean.

"Have you already thought about a day to come over? Or do you need someone’s permission?"

It’s pretty late, it’s already half past six or something like that. Kouha always comes home pretty late. But that might be because he’s hanging out with some friends, maybe club activities or he might be in the library. However she isn’t totally sure what he’s doing. Kumi, Kouha’s mother, always lays in bed, every day. She was really sick so she isn’t allowed to go outside anymore. She could move a bit, but she needs help since her body becomes very weak. Lucky the bathroom is pretty close to her own room. After she gave birth to Kouha, she becomes weaker and weaker, also she feels more sick. But mostly it’s her body what becomes weaker as the years pass by. But she hopes that Kouha still happy even though she’s like this. All she wishes is Kouha’s happiness. But…lately Kouha doesn’t seem very happy. Well… Less happy in these past few years. It’s as if he spends a lot of time with her. But that makes her very worried. She hadn’t meet any friends these past few years. She only knew that Kouha came back quite late, studies and help her. And whenever she ask how was school or something about his friends, he doesn’t really answer happily. Actually…more cutoff. As if he doesn’t want to talk about it… She’s really worried if he got any friends in his high school. Maybe he’s even bullied. Her thoughts are going to be very negative, so she stopped thinking about it. It would only worse her condition to only think so negative…

After a while she heard that someone put a key in the lock and opened the door. That must be Kouha, her lovely son. A sweet smile appeared on her face when she saw her son.

"Welcome home, Kouha."

He continued to work with a smile. It felt like everything went faster like that. And soon enough it was indeed time to close. There wasn’t much to do left now. As he was about to really close down he saw that Alibaba was still there. He was really serious about his offer not? Well it was just making Kouha more happy now.

”I can’t let you do that. Besides you look tired, hehe~”

He chuckled softly. It was funny how Alibaba seemed to be tired and yawned. It made Kouha wonder how hard the blond was working himself. Kouha got already used to these times of working. Besides he had enough breaks in one day. At home he would study a bit and in the weekend he would usually try to spend time with his mother. It looked like it made her happy after all so that was fine. The cleaning up was simple. He just put off all the machine’s, cleaned the tables and put the chairs closer to the tables. As they got out he just locked the shop. It had been another nice day and now he would have some free time in the weekends.

”Tomorrow is Saturday right? I can be at your place at 10!”

After saying goodbye and until tomorrow to the blond he left. Already he started to wonder in what kind of house Alibaba would live. It must be something big and extraordinary. Just the total opposite of the place Kouha lives in with his ill mother. It was a simple and small flat. One of the cheapest in the city because honestly they couldn’t afford anything else. But it was not like Kouha had ever really complained about their situation. He really loves his mother after all.

”I’m home~”

Unexpectedly he sounded rather happy. Of course today had been a good day. And tomorrow he would be going to Alibaba. Now he was just hoping his mother wouldn’t mind… Although they had the Sunday left to do things. He was slightly wondering about what she would like to do but actually it’s all fine. Anyway as he closed the door behind him he gave her a hug.

”Have you been doing well mum?”


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